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Website development

At Limenet, the Web Design process is covered by a skilled team of web designers and developers where each member has his/her own strengths, specialties and role in the development process.

Making a website design we implemente specific solutions that follow the business rules and objectives outlined by the client. Our team develops a professional relationship with our clients, interacts with them in order to have a deep understanding of the requirements and convert these into a website specification.

Limenet team creates high-quality and really working websites. Using advanced methods for website design and development guarantees their efficiency.

Our approach to website development includes a wide range of services, from client's goals and objectives definition to project implementation. In accordance with the contract, a website created by Limenet belongs to the customer.

We provide a full range of services such as:
web design and development
graphic design
landing page development
responsive website design

Steps in Website Development

1. Determining the client's main goals, the company's strengths and its target audience.

2. Building the future website's concept.

3. Writing website design specifications.

4. Website design creation.

5. Programming. Building pages layout.

6. Website testing.

7. Guarantees.