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Website Optimization Company: Professional SEO Services


There are numerous methods of website promotion, but even the most beautiful website is absolutly ineffective when search engines don’t show it.

Our specialist will optimize your website for particular search queries (keyword search optimization) used by customers.

We will perform SEO-audit in order to identify the causes of poor indexing of your website in search engines.

The website is thoroughly investigated during SEO-audit and as a result you receive a detailed specification including recommendations for changes.

After express website audit we will know whether your website needs an additional optimization or it is already matching all requirements of search engines.

You can order express website audit FOR FREE right now, just fill in the form on the right or call +380444942807.

Audit plan is:

  • Analysis of the target audience of the website
  • Analysis of the search demand
  • Queries selection based on Google statistics
  • Analysis of visibility of the website in search engines
  • Analysis of website’s content
  • Analysis of non-compliance to the search engines and errors in the HTML-code:
    - duplicate pages within the website,
    - processing 404,
    - errors in the formation of the robots.txt file and .htaccess,
    - filling meta tags title, description,
    - the presence of headers h1, h2,
    - image descriptions,
    - other
  • Internal linking and external links

SEO pricing

The cost of SEO services varies depending on what is included. It depends on the website size, structure and other characteristics.

Most our SEO projects cost between $200-$400/month based on the scope of the project.

We guarantee that after internal optimization according to our report/specification your website will be more attended.from the search engines!