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PPC marketing

Pay-Per-Click marketing

"Limenet" provides effective advertising campaigns and websites support in main search engines: Google, Yandex, Meta and others. In website promotion we put emphasis on using contextual advertising in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct. This is the fastest and relatively inexpensive way to inform potential customers about contemporary products and services.

Why contextual advertising is effective?

Products are advertised where people are interested in them.

Products are visible to those who is looking for them.

Advertising links are perceived as a response to a user's question and without irritation to advertisement.

No matter in what place you do your business. Due to our Internet advertising it may be shown in many regions. Сustomers that find products using contextual advertising buy better!

What is the benefits of contextual advertising?

You’ll get visitors who are interested in your product or services.

You’ll pay for the result – you`ll pay only for clicks to your website contact details.

Low cost — you make your own decision of what to pay for each customer.

You can test advertising at any moment and make changes immediately.

You’ll get results quickly — you can tell news to your customers in 1 hour after the launch of an advertising campaign.

To order a contextual advertising you can fill the form on the right side or call us +38 (044) 494-28-07.

How it works

Organization of online advertising includes following things:

- Determination of the target audience interested in your products (services);

- Development of a mediaplan that regulates a volume and a place of advertising information;

- Keywords selection for contextual advertising on the Internet;

- Creation of advertising media including texts (for blocks of contextual advertising), graphic banners (for image and media), advertising on the Internet;

- Placing of created materials into advertising platforms (including search engines);

- Monitoring of the advertising campaign and reporting on it.

What is the price?

The contextual advertising cost is calculated individually. Price of one clique in contextual advertising is determined by the auction system : who set a higher price takes a higher position. Monthly service payment for an advertising campaign starts from 400 UAH per month.

Why work with us?

1. We offer low cost services 

2. We work with all budgets

3. We do a rational budget management

Proper key phrases selection, negative keywords usage, geotargeting and time schedule, usage of web analytics and conversion tracking made by our specialists will improve efficiency of advertising campaigns and optimize their costs.

4. Clarity of contextual advertising process

During the advertising campaign, we regularly provide statistics of visits, make optimization and adjust the settings. At your request we can create an account, so that you can be directly involved into analysis, adjustment and price formation of your own advertising campaign.

5. Quick results

It takes only 1 or 2 days of work to start your advertising campaign.

Our work has high efficiency and we give quick response to any changes.

6. We attract only target audience.

We achieve the maximal return on investment thanks to flexible settings.


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